Michigan Weekend in Grand Haven

My son and I took to the streets of Grand Haven for an Art Fair. If you are an art lover, Michigan is truly a place to be.  There is something artsy going on nearly every week. We headed into Fortino’s for a treat (seriously can’t be missed if you come) then stopped and ate lunch.  and enjoyed a gorgeous summer day.

Hundreds had flocked to the beach. I was happy to avoid the traffic and stay in town browsing the booths of unique art and items.  How can anyone think our best days are behind us?  When you see the millions of ways people interpret simple objects such as a bowl, a piece of jewelry, kitchen items….you realize that Americans will always reinvent themselves. Our best days are ahead of us.

For the art lover, I simply cannot get enough of Ken Scott Photography. Please enjoy his photos here. I’ve killed nearly an hour of a Sunday morning browsing through his pictures on Flicker.  The world thinks Michigan looks like Detroit. You are sadly mistaken if you hold this view. Detroit is an isolated area. The rest of Michigan–the other 90%–is stunning!  You are missing out.

Enjoy 🙂

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Have a wonderful day,


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