Lets Talk About Our Words

Let’s talk about words and how to use them.

If you are frustrated you can’t do things you used to do, then say “I’m frustrated because I can’t go to the places I want to go and do the things I used to do.”

No one here created this virus.

Not “that woman in #Michigan,” not the 1%, not the people in government, not our front line workers, first responders, #small #business owners or essential workers at #Meijer, #Costco or #TacoBell.

None of us want it here.

Yet here we are.

Shifting blame to other people is pointless.

So let’s talk about the other words; the ones that really matter. You matter. Your family matters. Our communities matter. Our Holy moments of worship matter. Our pets matter. Our parents matter.

These lakes, these towns, and these people matter.

This as a great place to raise a family matters. I worry it is in danger as we waste our time and energy lashing out at each other.

Let’s face it, we are all experiencing moments we are less than our best. I am sorry for whatever you are personally going through.

This has tested us.

People all over Michigan have made incredible sacrifices. People on our team, in our community and in yours, too.

Remember none of us want this virus.
None of us here created it.
We are all on the same side.
We are all doing the best we can.

The world we knew is gone. So, let’s build a new one in its place. May it embody the best we have to offer.

Carol Charron

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